Thought for the day 8
on January 9th, 2021
Thought for the DayKindness, speaking Jesus, showing love. What have you done today to shine Jesus into someone’s life?Maybe a phone call or a text, smiling as you do your shopping or giving a helping hand if you see someone struggling. All these things, and many more like them, can all pass us by without a thought, but today I ask you - where have you shown kindness today?As our societies are fac...  Read More
Thought for the day 7
on January 7th, 2021
Thought for the DayStop and pray. Have you done that today? Have you whispered to your Heavenly Father some words of love, thankfulness, heartache or perhaps your desires today? Have you chatted to Him about your situation, how you feel, or have you simply just sat in His presence soaking up his love and peace.Stop and pray. That’s what we all need to do today. Don’t let another day pass when you ...  Read More
Thought for the day 6
on January 6th, 2021
Thought For the Day...The word that’s been buzzing in my spirit today is gratitude, and although I know it’s a terrible and difficult time for everyone right now, I believe that we need to keep our eyes on Jesus and be thankful despite the circumstances that surround us.If we can be thankful for the things we deem ‘small’ - like a bird song in the morning or warm clean clothes to wear - we actuall...  Read More
Thought for the day 5
on January 5th, 2021
Thought for the Day...Last night in a discussion with some of the ladies, we talked about how we have to give up what’s in our hands in order for God to give us something new.Similar to when you clear out your wardrobe - letting go of the clothes that you won’t wear anymore... maybe because they don’t fit you or because that season has gone and you need to let it go! Whatever the reason, it’s good...  Read More
Thought for the day 4
on January 5th, 2021
Thought for the Day…When I was at school and being taught how to write stories, I remember that in the earliest lessons you were taught that you needed to plan a beginning, a middle and an end – and from there you could evolve those plans into an exciting story.The first sentence of the bible is ‘In the Beginning’ and so if God starts at the beginning, why don’t we? You see in order to get to an e...  Read More
Thought for the day 3
on January 3rd, 2021
Thought for the day...Wasn’t this mornings service so good!  (if you missed it, you can watch it now on You Tube 😉 )and Pastor Steve brought a challenging word about Groundhog Day. He preached that if we’ve been living the same days, over and over, it’s time for a change.And here’s the thought for today, in fact it’s more of a practical thought which requires action...P...  Read More
Thought for the day 2
on January 2nd, 2021
Thought for the Day…‘You’re not going to run out of miracles anytime soon’I love these lyrics – it’s from Elevation Churches song Rattle, and it provoked my thoughts to be reminded that God doesn’t have a limited number of miracles. It’s not like once they are gone, they are gone! No, instead, His power is enough to perform miracle after miracle – the ‘purse’ never will run dry.So remember that to...  Read More
Thought for the day 1
on January 1st, 2021
January 1st, 2021. Not just a new day but a new year.Often seen as new beginnings, new chapters and new seasons, a new year can bring new hope, new faith and new dreams.The bible says that Gods mercies are new EVERY morning -“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,...  Read More
Christmas 2020
on December 24th, 2020
Merry Christmas Church! Wow, what a year it has been… Who would have thought that 2020 would have turned out like it has? This year has been full of words that...  Read More
Church Update
on November 29th, 2020
Hey Church!we hope and pray that you enjoyed the service this Sunday! We are so pleased to be able to offer you our brand new app. inside the app you will find everything you need to stay connected and stay up to date with everything that is happening at Crossways Community Church.  We want to encourage you to head to the App Store or android store and download the app today! When prompted please ...  Read More