‘Where every woman brings their own unique sound to make a perfect Symphony for Jesus’ 

A Symphony is described as harmonious and together, and I truly believe that as Gods women we are called to be united, harmonious and known for bringing together not tearing apart. 


Psalm 133 tells us how great it is when Gods people work together in unity, and if you have ever been a part of a team, or a united family, or even a worked in an environment that works together, you’ll know the ease and benefits of people working in unity.


As Christ’s children, we are all one body, yet we all have a part to play (1Corinthians 12:12), and at Crossways and within Symphony, it is my heart to allow us women to discover what God has called us to do and then encourage each other to be the best we can be in our gifting’s. And within that, there are some values that I believe we are called to uphold, as we come together to praise our King and shine Jesus to a world that so desperately needs to hear the God news that only Jesus can bring.


We must value each other, as we are all valued in our Heavenly father’s eyes


We must honour each other, celebrating and being each other’s cheerleaders 


We must encourage one another, building up not tearing down


We must protect each other, watching over each other and our unity 


We must have generous eyes, seeking to bless and give as our constant mantle 


We must serve where we have been called and champion others to do the same 


My heart for us women is that we would be who God has called us to be, allow each other to be who God has called them to be and come together so God can pour out His spirit onto us. When we unite; when we walk in our destinies; when we knit together our destinies; then Gods plan to save and reach His world can be achieved. 

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