Pastors & Staff

Stephen & Sarah Brindley

Lead Pastors

At the age of 18, Pastor Stephen felt called to leave his full-time occupation as a manager in sales and 'step out of the boat' to serve the Church he was currently attending.

After a year of serving voluntarily, both Pastor Stephen and Pastor Sarah were asked to take over as Youth Pastors, full-time, of a fast-growing church in Gravesend. Over the next 13 years, they moved from Youth Pastors into more developed leadership roles.  Since then, their zeal for serving God through their practical life application preaching and teaching has increased, and their main passion now is helping people achieve their destiny in their walks with God.
Pastor Stephen and Pastor Sarah have always put God first in their lives, and truly stand by His Word in everything they do. Their faith in God is strong, and they are able to communicate and apply God's Word (simply and practically) to today's society.

They love imparting God's word and are passionate about seeing people dedicate their lives to the Lord, whilst speaking at Conferences, Groups and Churches.
Pastor  Sarah is currently employed Part-time by Crossways Church and Pastor Stephen is now employed full-time overseeing the church Vision.
Pastor Stephen and Pastor Sarah have a strong marriage and have been married for 22 years. They have 3 beautiful children: Sophie, Sam and Stanley and a lovely dog called Bailey..

Aimee Rogers

Social Media & Administration Assistant
Joining the Crossways Staff team in January 2022, Aimee takes on a multifaceted role. She actively facilitates communication and engagement with our members and the wider community through social media and church platforms. In addition to her administrative responsibilities in the church office, Aimee plays a significant role in the Dartford Foodbank Project.

Aimee extends her leadership to the Children's ministry within the Church and serves as Crossways' 'safety officer,' overseeing all legal aspects of running a church.

Outside her professional commitments, Aimee is happily married to her husband John, and they are blessed with two beautiful children, Henry and Mabel.

Sarah Ford

Cafe & Community Manager 
In her role as Cafe Manager at The Lounge, Sarah shares responsibilities with another manager, jointly overseeing the day-to-day operations of our community cafe project. Additionally, Sarah takes charge of managing the various community groups hosted in the lounge, actively engaging and organising both the cafe and its volunteers.

With a dedicated focus on community involvement, Sarah plays a pivotal role in fostering harmony between the community cafe projects and the church. Sarah has been a follower of Jesus since the age of 14 and, outside of her professional responsibilities, Sarah is very busy  enjoying walks with her lovely dog, Pippa, and volunteering with ‘Emerge’ a charity for vulnerable young children.


Michelle Jam

Cafe Manager 
As the Cafe Manager at The Lounge, Michelle collaborates with Sarah to collectively manage the day-to-day operations of our community cafe project. In addition to her managerial duties, Michelle ensures the cafe is well-stocked and maintained in a clean and inviting manner. With excellent communication skills, she has a welcoming presence that makes anyone feel at home.

Beyond her official responsibilities, Michelle also runs her own business from home and is committed to demonstrating the love of Christ to others, regardless of their circumstances. Known for her dedication and hard work, Michelle always wears a smile, contributing positively to the atmosphere at The Lounge and the church.